Voting Management

Voting Management provides a convenience way for users to manage their mortgage for EOS. Users can pledge or redeem though Voting Management.

There are two ways for pledging: equal or unequal mortgage. Users can mortgage their EOS in exchange for CPU and NET resources, and use them for EOS main net operations or voting.

To make it easier for users, TokenPocket will set equal mortgage as the default mortgage method, i.e. 1 EOS will be mortgaged into 0.5 CPU and 0.5 NET.

Unequal mortgage will be provided by future updates, and allow users to customize their options.


To mortgage, enter the EOS amount to be mortgaged, click “mortgage”, enter password, click “Confirm”. You’re done.


To cancel a mortgage, enter the amount to be cancelled, click “Cancel” , enter password, click “Confirm”. You have successfully cancelled the mortgage with specified amount.


Note: minimum 15% of total votes are required for the main net. Users will not be able to cancel the mortgage until it’s exceeded 15% of total votes.